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Gate services:

  • We dig and set our gate posts greater than 4′ deep and use 12′ posts on each side allowing us to extend the posts beyond the height of the fence and connect them with a 2×8 header over the gate. Not only does this add allure to the entrance but it will ensure that your gate will continue to operate without resistance for years to come.
  • Each standard man-gate measures 36″ to 42″ wide and will match the fence pattern unless otherwise specified.
  • This style can be altered to anything you desire such as angles or an arc across the top
  • Hardware includes: PYLEX GATE KIT comprised of two gate hinges and four corner braces, as well as a STANDARD or an optional upgrade to a HEAVY DUTY gate latch.
  • Nuvo iron offers a variety of GATE INSERTS to customize your entrance.
  • Let us know if you have any unique circumstances which will require atypical access to your yard. We are more than happy to design a custom gate to fulfill your needs.
  • Double swinging, bi-folding and/or Sliding Barn Gates are also available for these unique situations.

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