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Services Include:

  • Comprehensive estimates
  • Removal and disposal old structure
  • Utility clearances
  • Small to Medium tree Clearing
  • Post hole digging and setting for complete fencing only
  • Removal and disposal of mud
  • Ceramic screw fasteners
  • Unlimited designs to choose from!

Before Getting Started:

  • We are equipped to safely remove and properly dispose of old fences and small to medium sized trees (if necessary)
  • We always obtain all utility clearances when doing any underground work. These include, but are not limited to; Hydro, MTS and Shaw.
  • We dig all holes ourselves and set the (4×4) posts FOUR feet deep in 3/4 limestone (no more than 8 feet apart) and DISPOSE of all earth that comes out of the holes.
  • Note that we operate a lightweight EARTHDRILL to dig the holes that will not “chew up” your lawn as some bobcats, machinery and/or other operators will do.
  • We value everyone’s safety and respect your living space. Therefore we will maintain a SAFE/CLEAN job site throughout the duration of the project and we will keep you informed of project details on a daily basis.
  • Last but not least; all exposed fasteners will be CERAMIC coated screws

Fence styles:

  • Fences come in many different shapes and sizes. We typically build 4′, 5′ 6′ and even 6’6″ high. CLICK HERE to see the zoning regulations for the placement of fences in residential districts. If you have a pool, or are considering installing one, please check out page 7 on the construction requirements for outdoor private swimming pools by CLICKING HERE.
  • Using Barefoot Brown, MicroPro Sienna or Natural Cedar
  • We offer a variety of configurations such as; Classic, Good Neighbour, Chateau, Rampart, Manor, Diplomat, Estate, Castle and Fortress. All of which can be seen in our gallery. If you have something else in mind we can match or design any fence you like!
  • Sometimes the ground isnt flat on your property. To create a visually appealing fence we must assess the ground first and decide if there is potential to do a level fence, sloped fence, follow the lay of the land or create a step like pattern.
  • Note that we charge by the linear foot so as the length of the project goes up, the price per linear foot goes down (and vice versa) so if you and your neighbours are thinking about getting a fence done this year please contact us about our group rates!
  • Of course no fence is complete without access to your yard through a gate. Please check out our GATES section for more information about what is available to you.

 Fence gallery


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